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InfoQ Homepage News SQL Test Brings tSQLt Unit Testing to SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Test Brings tSQLt Unit Testing to SQL Server Management Studio


Red Gate has released SQL Test, a unit testing add-in for SQL Server Management Studio. It allows developers to create and run unit tests from within SSMS, and share them with other team members.

SQL Test is the user interface for tSQLt, the open source unit testing framework for SQL Server. tSQLt allows for the creation of test cases using T-SQL. These test cases are collected into a test class, which is a special schema used by the framework. Testers can use tSQLt to create fake tables and views, populate them with test data, and compare actual versus expected results. (All of the tests are executed within transactions, to allow for easy cleanup.) tSQLt also promotes Agile development by supporting continuous integration tools like Team Foundation Server and CruiseControl.

SQL Test provides a graphical front-end for tSQLt. The SQL Test window allows users to more easily create test classes, view existing unit tests, execute them, and view the results with in a dockable panel in SSMS.

SQL Test is compatible with SQL Server 2005 onward, and comes with a sample database with pre-configured unit tests. More information is available from Red Gate.

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