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InfoQ Homepage News Windows Store Requires Processor Types to Be Treated Equally

Windows Store Requires Processor Types to Be Treated Equally

The Windows Store is being promoted to developers as a centralized location for users to easily find and purchase Metro style apps. The company has released the requirements a developer must follow in order for Microsoft to list their app in the store. Content-wise, Microsoft will not allow adult material of any kind, and the maximum age rating is PEGI-16 / ESRB Teen rating.

Not only is adult material forbidden, Microsoft goes on to state that:

“Your app must not contain content that encourages, facilitates or glamorizes extreme or gratuitous violence, human rights violations, or the creation or use of weapons against a person or animal in the real world”

Clearly Microsoft is trying to avoid controversy, but the statement above could cover “Angry Birds” as well as the "Grand Theft Auto" series. It will be interesting to see how the requirement that apps must be “appropriate for a global audience” is enforced. For example, a game similar to America's Army (or equivalent) could be considered inappropriate material.

Other requirements are less ambiguous and have a straightforward effect on the user experience. Microsoft will not approve incomplete or beta apps. Apps that are pure marketing with no functionality beyond advertising will not be allowed. Store apps may only use APIs for Metro style apps, and cannot use any other API or Windows OS service. Apps must also perform the same on all processor families.

Certification requirements summary:

  • Metro style apps provide value to the customer
  • Metro style apps can display ads but are more than just ads or websites
  • Metro style apps behave predictably
  • Metro style apps put the customer in control
  • Metro style apps are appropriate for a global audience
  • Metro style apps are easily identified and understood

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