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Introducing PowerShell 3

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PowerShell 3 which will be released as a part of Windows Management Framework 3.0 is currently in CTP. Apart from being based on the DLR, it has a lot of new features such as better workflows, simpler syntax, delegation of credentials, robust sessions and more.

A big change is that PowerShell 3.0 is based on the Dynamic Language Runtime; though not exactly the same way as other DLR languages like IronPython or IronRuby. Joel Benett, in his article “PowerShell 3 – Finally on the DLR!” explores this in detail and also explains the performance improvements that DLR brings to PowerShell.

Some of the new features in this version are -

If you are keen to try PowerShell 3 out, do note that you can also run PS 2 and 3 side-by-side; something that was not possible with 1 and 2. Also note that this is a preview release, and features could change between now and the final release. 

What features in PowerShell 3 are you most excited about?

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