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InfoQ Homepage News RTI Introduces the Integration Solution and Data Bus RTI Connext

RTI Introduces the Integration Solution and Data Bus RTI Connext

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RTI (Real-Time Innovations), a company based in Sunnyvale/California, has introduced its product family RTI Connext. According to RTI, Connext provides a high performance data bus for integrating data sources of all types. Using the solution, engineers can connect data across devices, systems and networks.

Big data widely distributed across and enterprises is becoming an important challenge today. But is not only the data in enterprise systems but also the one in operational technology systems that control physical processes and manage physical assets. For many companies it is important to leverage this data in an efficient way. This is where integration technology companies such as RTI see their market.

Among the customers of RTI are companies building software in embedded and system engineering domains such as Automation, Automotive, Aerospace, Transportation or Health Sciences. The company claims to be the

world leader in delivering fast, scalable, communications software that address the challenges of building and integrating real-time operational systems.

The RTI Connext product family consists of different ingredients:

  • The RTI Connext Integrator offers an integration infrastructure “for building operational systems and bridging to IT applications, while requiring little or no modification.”  It adapts to JMS, SQL databases, Excel, LabView, and many other data sources. Developers might also build their own adapters.
  • The Messaging component defines a message oriented middleware with APIs for JMS and Connext DDS.
  • RTI Connext DDS (Data Distribution Service) is compliant with the Object Management Groups Data Distribution Service API.
  • RTI Connext Micro accomodates resource-constrained environmentsand is designed “to be a certifiable component for safety-critical systems.”

Engineers might obtain a product trial and watch a Webinar on RTI’s website.

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