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CodePlex Now Offers Git

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Due to overwhelming demand, CodePlex is now offering Git for source control. Git is the third source control system available for CodePlex hosted projects, the first two being TFS and Mercurial. (A fourth option is to use SVN bindings for TFS).

Standard DVCS workflows such as forks and pull requests are support through the Git bindings. Other features such as issue tracking and discussion lists continue to work like before. New projects can start with Git, but if you wish to switch an existing project to Git you need to contact CodePlex Support.

According to Brain Harry, Git support is just the first step in a new commitment by Microsoft to invest in CodePlex:

We intend CodePlex to be the premier site for open source development – particularly for anything related to Microsoft platforms. It’s clear that in the past few years CodePlex has suffered some from lack of care and feeding and the result is that it has fallen behind some of the alternatives. So as we began to layout a roadmap for the future, it became clear that priority #1 is to demonstrate that CodePlex is alive and kicking and we are committed to evolving the service in a direction that our community loves.

For those wishing to use Visual Studio Integration, options include Git Extensions and Git Source Control Provider. For shell integration, there is TortoiseGIT and Git for Windows. MonoDevelop has Git support out of the box, while SharpDevelop requires an add-in for Git.

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