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ASP.NET MVC Testing Tips and Tricks

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There are several components in an ASP.NET MVC 3 web app – models, controllers, route-handlers, views, html-helpers, client-side code etc. Most of these can be unit-tested, others need integration tests, and several good practices can help you keep your tests more maintainable and avoid making them brittle.

Here are some resources -

Do you have any other testing tips you want to share for testing ASP.NET MVC applications?

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Community comments

  • One Suggestion: SpecsFor.Mvc!

    by Matt Honeycutt,

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    I'm obviously biased, but I think you left out one of the best tools for testing ASP.NET MVC applications: SpecsFor.Mvc! It enables you to write acceptance tests that perform complex browser automation using simple, unit-test like syntax. You can check it out at and on my blog at

  • Re: One Suggestion: SpecsFor.Mvc!

    by Roopesh Shenoy,

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    Thanks for the suggestion Matt - definitely looking at it.

    One concern I have is how do you reuse these test-steps? One of the greatest features in BDD frameworks seems to be that you can reuse your test steps in multiple test cases making them more efficient. Look here for instance -

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