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InfoQ Homepage News Ranks Software Engineer Best Job in 2012 Ranks Software Engineer Best Job in 2012 has recently published a ranking of 200 different jobs. In this investigation software engineer was determined to be the best job and better rated than actuary, human resources manager, dental hygienist or financial planner.

In the average, software engineers in the US earn $88,142.00, have a very good work environment, low physical demands, a good hiring outlook, but also a high amount of stress.

From a methodology viewpoint the investigation focused on five core criteria:

  • Environment refers to the essential physical and emotional components such as work conditions, physical demands, or stamina required.
  • Income is calculated by taking the mid-level income but also the growth level into account.
  • Outlook tries to introduce the future outlook of the job such as employment growth, income growth potential, unemployment.
  • Physical Demands define challenges like lifting high weights.
  • Stress factors considered are quite diverse such as Travel, Outlook/Growth Potential, Deadlines, Working in the Public Eye, Competitiveness, Physical Demands (stoop, climb, etc.), Environmental Conditions, Hazards Encountered, Own Life at Risk, Life of Another at Risk, Meeting the Public.

The job of computer systems analysts was ranked 9th and web developers achieved the 15th rank.

The investigation emphasizes the US market but should be applicable to other industry countries as well. Obviously, software engineering is considered an awesome profession.

Just if you wonder: The worst job among the 200 analyzed turned out to be lumberjack.

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