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InfoQ Homepage News ReSharper 7 Adds Windows 8 Support, New Languages

ReSharper 7 Adds Windows 8 Support, New Languages

JetBrains has announced the availability of ReSharper 7 Beta. In addition to support for Visual Studio 2012, this release includes tools for Windows 8 and WinRT development, additions to the Type Hierarchy, new refactorings, and improved support for several languages.

ReSharper 7 adds support for Visual Studio 2012 and the new Windows runtime for developers working with Metro-style applications in Windows 8. According to the JetBrains blog:

...The new version provides code inspections and quick-fixes that ease transition to the new environment, such as those highlighting WinRT types that should be sealed or those that can’t be generic; support for projected types and new types of resources in XAML, as well as type, naming, and method projection support for JavaScript.

In addition to the WinRT-related additions, ReSharper has improved support for JavaScript and jQuery, ASP.NET 4.5 and MVC 4, and SharePoint and LightSwitch projects. The SDK includes the ability to add other languages as well.

The new version includes two new refactorings: Extract Class and Transform Out Parameters to Tuple. Extract Class was one of the most-requested features in this release, and allows large classes to be split into single-responsibility classes.

Additions to the Type Hierarchy include a Members Hierarchy, which displays the types for which a member has been implemented, and a CSS Style Hierarchy, which shows CSS selectors in nested fashion.

There are several other updates to the ReSharper UI, solution-wide functions, and unit testing support. For a full list of additions, visit the JetBrains blog. ReSharper is free for open source projects, and commercial licenses start at $199.

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