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SQLite On WinRT, Metro, Windows 8 Mobile

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SQLite is now supported on Windows RT, Windows 8 Metro Apps and will be supported on Windows Phone 8 for local application storage.

SQLite version 3.7.13 adds support for WinRT and Metro style applications for Windows 8. According to Microsoft, Windows 8 mobile will also support SQLite. Note though, that only the Engine will be available for you, without a client – you will have to wrap it as a WinRT component (or use a library that does it for you) to actually use it in your .NET or JavaScript app.

.NET developers can use sqlite-net which provides a LINQ wrapper for SQLite. A couple of useful walkthroughs to get you started with this -

For JavaScript developers, there is SQLite3-WinRT. And as Tim points out, C++ developers can use the sqlite.h header file and not really worry about WinRT wrappers.

There are a few restrictions to keep in mind, as explained in the announcement in the SQLite website. Other than that though, it should work just as it does for any other system. 

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