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InfoQ Homepage News MEF 2 Gets Symbol Package – May Come Soon For TPL DataFlow

MEF 2 Gets Symbol Package – May Come Soon For TPL DataFlow

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MEF 2 and TPL Dataflow RTM were released along with .NET Framework 4.5 – and the team have now announced NuGet Symbol package for MEF. One for TPL Dataflow may come soon.

We have already noted earlier that these libraries will now be available as NuGet packages instead of being part of the longer .NET release cycle. Now the team has also released symbol package for MEF that will allow Visual Studio to look up the pdbs, so that you can debug through the code. TPL Dataflow sources aren’t available just yet. This isn’t surprising considering MEF is already an open source project and TPL Dataflow isn’t.

However, Immo Landwerth, Program manager for the BCL Team, indicated that reference sources for TPL Dataflow may be available soon -

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough leeway to cut through the red tape in order to be able to publish the source code of TPL Dataflow. Although I can’t promise anything one could at least imagine us getting permission to publish reference sources without actually open sourcing it.

MEF is a composition layer for .NET that improves modularity and scalability of complex applications. TPL Dataflow is a new .NET library for building concurrent applications. To learn more, you can go through the existing content on InfoQ related to MEF and TPL-Dataflow

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