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InfoQ Homepage News ACE, a Web-based Code Editor, Reaches 1.0

ACE, a Web-based Code Editor, Reaches 1.0

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The embeddable open source web-based code editor ACE has reached version 1.0, coming with support for editing very large files, syntax highlighting for 45 languages, TextMate themes, Emacs and Vi key bindings, and other features.

After several years of active development and being used in production, ACE Editor has finally reached version 1.0 including a number of features such as:

  • Editing documents with millions of lines as fast as small docs
  • Syntax highlighting in 45 languages including JavaScript, Java, C#, C, C++, Clojure, Go, Groovy, JSON, Scala, Ruby, XML, and others
  • Emacs, Vi key bindings
  • Support for TextMate themes
  • Code folding
  • Search/replace using regular expressions
  • Multiple cursors

The ACE editor is embeddable in  any web page or JavaScript application, being used in development by several companies, some of the most notables being GitHub, Google, and Facebook. Cloud9, one of the main developers of the editor along with Mozilla, provides an IDE based on ACE, being able to run JavaScript/Node.js, Python, Ruby, and Apache+PHP code, to debug JavaScript/Node.js applications, and to deploy such apps to Heroku, Windows Azure, or locally. Cloud Foundry and other clouds are to be added in the future. The Cloud9 IDE offers JavaScript and HTML code completion support.

The ACE developers intend to extend the reach of the editor to mobile devices, currently 4 related issues being open: Performance, Native Copy&Paste, Keyboard, Gesture Support for Scrolling.

This InfoQ post provides more information on ACE’s history and internal workings.

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