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InfoQ Homepage News Culture Game Extract #3 Now Available from InfoQ

Culture Game Extract #3 Now Available from InfoQ

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The third extract from Dan Mezick’s new book The Culture Game is now available for InfoQ readers.   The book examines the lessons learned about creating and nurturing organisational culture, and encouraging culture change.

 The Culture Game is a how-to book describing 16 learning patterns derived from Agile, with A-B-C steps for spreading these patterns throughout your organization. The book establishes links between culture, games, happiness, learning and productivity, explaining that a focus on game mechanics is the real key to upgrading the culture of your organization. The book provides specific examples, and examines the lessons learned about creating and nurturing company culture at Zappos Inc.

This extract examines how to map the lessons of agile to any enterprise.

The book was reviewed on InfoQ recently here and the first two extracts can be found here and here.

Mezick is an organizer for The Agile CULTURE Conference being held in Boston and Philidelphia this week.  The conference is about providing participants with "a place to learn concepts, tools and techniques that can dramatically increase the health and well-being of your organization".

The website says that the reason for having the conference: 

is the tremendous pace of change in business. This change is mandating more agile, more open and more democratic ways of working. People in organizations need new tools to navigate the ever-changing world of work. Centrally planned work structures are giving way to more open and adaptive ways of working. This is the place to pick up the concepts, tools and techniques you can put to work immediately to create a more adaptive, productive, engaged and humane workplace. This is the conference to attend if you are looking to learn and network with employees of all kinds who are seeking new ways to address change and more deeply engage with others at work in pursuit of profits, passion and purpose.



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