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ASP.NET Anti-Forgery Tokens With JSON Payloads

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ASP.NET MVC has AntiForgeryToken helper that allow you to detect and block CSRF attacks using user-specific tokens. However when making primarily ajax requests or using javascript frameworks such as Knockout and Backbone which have JSON payloads, the approach needs to change a bit.

AntiForgeryToken helper works with Form posts by having a hidden field in the form with the token. ValidateAntiForgeryToken only looks at the Form values submitted. For making this work with a JSON request, you can use one of the following approaches -

All the above solutions rely on the setting the value of __RequestVerificationToken field directly. This field name is a constant used in the MVC framework.

To learn more about how ASP.NET MVC token helpers prevent CSRF attacks, you can read Steven Sandersons’ article introducing this. 

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