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InfoQ Homepage News Breeze: Develop Data Aware Web Applications with Caching, Change tracking and Validation

Breeze: Develop Data Aware Web Applications with Caching, Change tracking and Validation

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Breeze is a new JavaScript library which enables you to deliver the rich experience of a desktop application in a web browser. It provides an ability to cache entities locally on the JavaScript client including the possibility to navigate entities in cache. Breeze also includes change tracking, built-in property and entity validation with the ability to save a mix of entity types in batches.

Breeze also includes support for rich queries which enables you to write simple and complex queries in the breeze query language. Moreover, you will be able to query a remote service with a full OData compliant URL.

Breeze ships with adapters for the ASP.NET Web API. It also includes .NET components that generate breeze metadata from an Entity Framework model.

Breeze is available as open source and is written in HTML and JavaScript. It allows you to develop highly responsive and data intensive applications while taking advantage of familiar data management techniques in which users search, add, update, and view complex data from different angles as they pursue solutions to real problems in real time like as you can see from the sample application included with the current release.

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