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InfoQ Homepage News Code Review with Comparison, Annotation, Comments and Status Update with Visual Studio 2012

Code Review with Comparison, Annotation, Comments and Status Update with Visual Studio 2012

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Visual Studio 2012 includes a code review workflow which takes advantage of Team Foundation Server. With the help of the workflow, you can review code either through the redesigned Team Explorer window or Team Foundation Online Service, which enables you to plan projects, collaborate with your product team and manage code from anywhere.

You will be able to create a team project from the Team Foundation Service and then integrate it from within Visual Studio 2012. The code review feature enables reviewers to compare code files, annotate them and send comments back to the requester.

The code review process works as described below

  • You click on Request code review link on the Home tab or the My Work tab in Team Explorer (Click View | Team Explorer from Visual Studio 2012 if not visible)
  • You provide name of the code reviewer, code review subject, description and area path on the New Code Review dialog.
  • You have now requested for a code review. All team members who are assigned the task of review will receive an alert.
  • The reviewer begins the work by clicking on the Accept link, which provides a signal for other reviewers that the review is already in progress. It is possible to either add an annotation or an overall comment from Team Explorer.
  • The developer who requested the code review will have access to manage the comments. The code review process is complete when the reviewer marks the status of the review to Looks Good or With Comments or Needs Work.

The code review workflow feature is available only in Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate.

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