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InfoQ Homepage News ReportPlus: Create and Access Dashboards, Reports from an iPad

ReportPlus: Create and Access Dashboards, Reports from an iPad

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ReportPlus is a dashboard and reporting tool for the iPad. Developed by Infragistics, it enables you to connect to any data source directly and securely with an intuitive user interface.

ReportPlus includes easy to use dialogs using which you can establish connection to any server side resource that you would normally access using domain credentials or username/password authentication from a wide range of data sources such as Microsoft Analysis Server, OData Service, SQL Server, Reporting Services, SharePoint and Microsoft Excel.

With the help of ReportPlus, you will be able to browse datasets and interactively create rich dashboards with charts, pivot tables, trend lines, filters, conditional formatting and even automatic geo-coded Maps. Moreover, you can access reports and dashboards remotely which in turn facilitates smart business decisions.

ReportPlus creates unique and vibrant data visualizations which ultimately enables you to slice and dice data in a wide range of ways simultaneously. Moreover, you can sweep your finger over the touch display to change the colors in grids and charts, or highlight key information in tables.


"Unlike other products that act as dashboard viewers, still requiring server-side components  and the building of dashboards by IT, ReportPlus allows end users to get started immediately by connecting to their own data directly on their iPad," said Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics.  "We’re excited to provide end users with a rich design-time experience that makes them productive right away, taking action on their business data."

ReportPlus also enables you to share dashboards and reports in a wide range of formats such as e-mail, PDF, Excel and PowerPoint direcly from the iPad.


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