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InfoQ Homepage News Windows Azure Messaging Features Come To Windows Server

Windows Azure Messaging Features Come To Windows Server

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Microsoft has announced pubic availability of Service Bus 1.0, and it will be free to use with a properly licensed Windows Server. This makes features from Windows Azure Messaging available on in-house infrastructure.

Service Bus 1.0 has been in beta for some time and is the Windows Server equivalent of the Windows Azure Service Bus. It has features such as Queues, Topics and Subscriptions. It can be configured to be highly available by running in multiple instances and can be durable by saving the messages in a SQL Server database. The programming API of Service Bus 1.0 is consistent with the cloud equivalent and also supports the REST interface. As such, at least theoretically, the same set of code using messaging features can now run in both Windows Azure and Windows Server.

To start developing against Service Bus 1.0, you can go through the walkthrough on MSDN. Also have a look at the CloudFX library that abstract some complex mechanical tasks when dealing with Service Bus, such as implementing a retry logic.

It is worthwhile noting that there are other messaging alternatives available for the .NET which are also worth a look, such as NServiceBus, Rhino Service Bus and MassTransit

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