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JustDecompile with C#5 and WinRT Support

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Telerik has announced the availability of JustDecompile Q3 2012 with support for C# 5 including the new async and await expressions. It also provides support for WinRT, multiple file selections in addition to two new file formats such as AppX, which is used for packaging Windows 8 apps and WinMD, WinRT meta data file extension.

The latest release includes an enhanced code viewer with code outlining and integrates with JustCode to provide native decompiling in Visual Studio 2012. It makes use of the same keyboard command used in Visual Studio to collapse and expand regions including the ability to search for text.


"If a third party assembly lacks documentation or is the cause of a bug or performance issue, decompiling is often the quickest route to a solution", says Vladimir Dragoev, Program Manager, JustTeam, Telerik.

Telerik has integrated plugins such as Reflexil, assembly editor and De4Dot into JustDecompile. Moreover, developers will be able to build their own plugins with the help of the recently released API and supported documentation.

According to Vladimir, if you lose a project and all you are left with are the compiled .NET assemblies, then JustDecompile can help you restore the lost project.

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