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InfoQ Homepage News Microsoft Improves Delivery of Language Translation with New Dedicated Hub for Developers

Microsoft Improves Delivery of Language Translation with New Dedicated Hub for Developers

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Microsoft has created a new set of tools for incorporating instantaneous language translating capabilities into mobile apps. With the new Translator Hub developers gain a supple Application Programming Interface (API) for customizing Windows Phone and other operating systems to translate up to 39 languages in their unique apps. The new service is on sale now to developers or it can be sampled for free.
Developers can use this powerful language translating tool to seamlessly integrate multilingual capabilities into their programs. With the Globalization of today’s and tomorrow’s world economies, this service becomes more indispensable daily. Getting the contextual meaning of the subtleties of conversations between linguistic systems has been an elusive quest in translations even to date.  
Programmers using the Microsoft Translator Hub are able to change and replace the content of translations after they have been rendered. This provides feedback to the integrated Collaborative Translation Framework that works to fine tune the following results for all future translations. When submitting these potential improvements to the machine produced translations owners of apps may choose between different levels of privacy to suit their inclinations. 
When using the hub, developers can tailor their apps to take advantage of Microsoft’s deep pockets and heavy investment in machine generated translation technology by building custom translation models to enable the improved accuracy of their app’s translations for multiple languages. 
Microsoft offers a complete set of API’s for all of the major interfaces; Ajax (JavaScript), Soap (.NET) and Visual Studio 2012 RC. There is also a Widget for webmasters. 

The basic Microsoft Translator Service is available for free when use is limited to two million characters per month. Subscribers to the service with heavier data demands may choose from numerous levels of throughput. The next level would start at $40 per month for four million characters. Look for it on the Azure Marketplace. 

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