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JustCode Q3 - Improve Productivity by Reducing Keystrokes

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Telerik has implemented several typing assistance feature improvements in the recently released JustCode Q3 such as brace positioning, wrap statements in braces and brace completion, which you can experience from within Visual Studio 2012 coding editor. Moreover, the tool also automatically auto formats semicolon and closing braces, auto completes single, double quotes including the ability to prevent closing symbols from doubling.

JustCode Q3 inserts an empty line when you press enter between opening and closing brace without depending upon the formatting module as in previous releases.

It also automatically adds a closing brace when you add an open brace at the beginning of a single line statement. The tool then not only positions the braces correctly but also inserts a new line after the statement. However, you can make the new line to appear before the statement by pressing shift + enter.

JustCode Q3 adds the brace, bracket or parenthesis when you add the opening version of the corresponding symbol. It automatically formats the code upon pressing semi-colon or adding a closing symbol. Moreover, the tool also adds a closing single or double quote in case you missed to add them.

The recent release of JustCode prevents doubling of parentheses, braces, brackets, single and double quotes by moving the cursor outside the closing character. It also automatically positions the semicolon in the proper location and inserts the cursor after the semicolon to enable you to continue the coding work.

By default typing assistance feature is disabled. But you can enable it from the JustCode options (JUSTCODE | Options) dialog from Visual Studio 2012.

"Visual Studio 2012 has typing assistance as well but it lacks many of JustCode's Typing Assistance features so it could be said that Visual Studio lacks the features we've introduced," mentions Vladimir Dragoev, Program Manager, Telerik.

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