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Amazon Embraces Node.js

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Amazon has released a developer preview SDK for deploying JavaScript applications running on Node.js. The development kit comes as a NPM module (ZIP) which is installed on Node.js then called in order to access a number of AWS services: EC2, S3, DynamoDB, and Simple Workflow.

Creating an EC2 service is done as following:

var AWS = require('aws-sdk');
var ec2 = new AWS.EC2({region: 'us-west-2'});

Service calls are asynchronous requiring a callback as shown in the next sample:

var request = ec2.client.describeInstances();

// register callbacks on request to retrieve response data
request.done(function(response) {

While a leader in cloud computing in many areas, Amazon AWS is among the latest to support Node.js. Windows Azure, Cloud Foundry, and Heroku have supported server-side JavaScript programming for some time. A Node wiki entry maintains a long list of managed and self-managed providers for Node.js.

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