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InfoQ Homepage News Are your Software Development Projects using Agile?

Are your Software Development Projects using Agile?

A Gartner research report, published December 2009, recommended to utilize agile development practices and expected that usage of agile will increase. Martin Proulx wrote about the report in Gartner predicts 2010: Agile and cloud impact application development directions:

Gartner’s analysts (Thomas Murphy and David Norton) predict that by 2012 “agile development methods will be utilized in 80% of all software development projects”. The authors explain that although Scrum will continue gaining in popularity over the coming years, organizations will not be successful in their transition unless they move toward a team-focused culture.

Organizations that have increased their usage of Agile are seeing the benefits:

(…) The report confirms that teams who have successfully moved to Agile do see productivity improvements especially in “the flexibility of the development team to respond to shifting requirements”.

(…) The promise of four times the improvements in overall productivity has been and will be achieved by select organizations.

We’re at the end of 2012, time to check if the prediction from Gartner has come true. Compared to 2010, has the number of projects in your organization that are using Agile decreased or increased, is 80% of them using Agile? If it decreased: Why did they stop using Agile, and what do they use as a replacement for Agile? Or if it increased: Which benefits do they expect from Agile?

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