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InfoQ Homepage News Math.NET Numerics with F#, Intel MKL and Vector Slicing Support

Math.NET Numerics with F#, Intel MKL and Vector Slicing Support

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Math.NET Numerics v2.3.0 has been released with support for Windows Phone 8 and slicing for matrices and vectors. It is also available as a portable build for F# extensions and is included in the main package. Moreover, F# extensions included with the release currently make use of F# 3.0 and the latest build is completely focussed on vectors and provides support for thin QR decomposition which is part of linear algebra.

The latest release provides consistent static sample methods for all continuous, discrete distributions, better usability for random numbers and distributions in F#. It also includes updated Intel math kernel library (MKL) references for the native linear algebra providers.

Math.NET Numerics is an opensource numerical library for .NET, Silverlight and Mono and is part of the Math.NET project. The MathNet.Numerics and MathNet.Numerics.FSharp libraries are available as NuGet packages.

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