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InfoQ Homepage News RavenDB Gets Better Performance, Tooling, Async APIs

RavenDB Gets Better Performance, Tooling, Async APIs

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RavenDB 2.0 RC was recently released with a better tooling, a new Changes() API, Eval Patching, better indexing performance and several other improvements.

Some of the highlights about what’s new –

One interesting feature is the addition of debug endpoints that expose a lot of internal information to the end user for monitoring, troubleshooting or debugging purposes.

Ayende Rahien has a much more detailed article on what's new in this version.

RavenDB is a LINQ-enabled, open source, transactional, document database written in .NET. It is available under a dual-licensing structure with support provided by Hibernating Rhinos. If you are new to it, you can have a look at the documentation to get started.   

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