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InfoQ Homepage News Studio Enterprise with Localization and Visual Studio 2012 Support

Studio Enterprise with Localization and Visual Studio 2012 Support

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ComponentOne has released Studio Enterprise 2012 v3 with new controls and features for Windows 8, WinRT, WinJS and Windows Phone 8, Windows Forms, Silverlight, WPF and ASP.NET controls. The controls for Windows development (WinForms) provides support for localization with Chinese and Korean languages, RTF support for C1Editor and Visual Studio 2012 support with updated templates for Ribbon control and form including Windows 8 icons for all the controls.

Studio Enterprise 2012 v3 includes two new ListBox controls, improved chart and animation capabilities. Moreover, it provides support for Silverlight 5, MVVM, a new WPF theme named Cosmopolitan, enhancements for ComboBox, DataGrid, Scheduler, TabControl and TreeView controls and new controls for data visualization, layout and data entry including an enhanced PdfViewer. It also provides updated HTML5 controls and support for Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari and Chrome.

InfoQ had an opportunity to interact with product managers at ComponentOne regarding the release of Studio Enterprise 2012 v3.

InfoQ: What difference can Studio Enterprise 2012 v3 make in the development of applications?

Chris Bannon, Product Manager, Web Platforms

Studio Enterprise saves developers time and effort when developing applications. It empowers developers to focus on business logic instead of tedious UI tasks.

Greg Lutz, Product Manager, XAML

Developers can now write native Windows 8 apps for the Windows Store using the JavaScript and XAML skills they already have. Studio Enterprise adds advanced UI and data visualization controls to your toolbox that help you build more powerful and unique apps. For example, you can build touch enabled dashboards with our charts and gauge controls and view reports with our PDF viewer.

InfoQ: Is it possible to develop apps for Android and iOS platforms with Studio Enterprise 2012 v3?

"No," says Chris and Greg.

InfoQ: How is Studio Enterprise 2012 v3 different from its competitor products?


Studio Enterprise covers more platforms than any other competitor project. We support everything from legacy ActiveX components to cutting edge HTML5 tools. Studio Enterprise truly offers everything developers need to build any type of business application. Our core Wijmo technology also allows developers to learn one tool and be able to build apps in WebForms, MVC, HTML5 and now WinJS.


Studio Enterprise has always been the largest developer tool package available - with controls now available for over 10 different development platforms, from Windows Forms to Windows Phone. What makes Studio Enterprise more beneficial over the competition is that many of the controls across these different platforms share the same codebase. So users can multi-target, migrate and develop across platforms while re-using a lot of their code. With reduced learning curves it helps development teams be more productive in the long run.

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