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InfoQ Homepage News Two weeks remain for Agile 2013 Submmissions

Two weeks remain for Agile 2013 Submmissions

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 The anual Agile Alliance conference Agile 2013 is calling for submissions from agile practitioners who have ideas and stories to share.  There are two weeks left for potential speakers to get their talk proposals into the submission system.

Conference Chair Kent J. McDonald anounced today that there are currently 213 submissions, which have received 345 review responses.  The review process is designed to provide submitters with feedback on the strong and weak aspects of their proposals and enable the submitters to edit and improve their submissions.  Submissions close at the end of January, with reviews and editing continuing through February to help prepare the best possible program.

The conference is organised into three broad themes - People, Process at Scale and Technical.  Each of these themes is divided into a number of tracks, with a total of over 200 speaker slots over the five-day conference.

McDonald said of the submissions:

We are striving to make Agile2013 a place for agile practitioners to meet and share experiences and practical ideas that they can take back to work and apply the following Monday. We’re looking for sessions that can help attendees and presenters alike share those ideas and spark further discussions both in an out of sessions.

More details can be found on the conference website.

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