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Stash: Git for the Enterprise

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The makers of the popular ALM tools JIRA and Confluence and released version 2 of Stash. Designed to work in conjunction with JIRA, Stash adds the kind of features to Git that one would expect to find in a centralized version control system.

A major reason major companies have been avoiding Git is the lack of security controls. Stash fixes this by offering branch level permissions. This stated purpose is to ensure that submissions from novices and external contractors can be properly reviewed before they hit the main branch.

An interesting feature of Stash is the ability to signal specific developers. By including @username in the comments, developers are notified when their attention is needed for a pull request.

When using Stash, check-in comments support markdown and inline images (e.g. screen shots). And if a JIRA ticket is mentioned, developers can click-through to review the ticket that prompted the change.

Stash itself doesn’t include an automated build tool. However, it does have an API that build tools can use to report the status of a build. This is shown onscreen so that developers can quickly verify that a build passed its tests prior to merging the code into the next branch.

Stash is a commercial product that starts at 10 USD for 10 users in a self-hosted environment. For 11 to 25 users the price jumps to 1,800 USD. Stash Enterprise starts at 16,000 USD for the first 500 users.

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