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InfoQ Homepage News Develop Utility, Productivity, Financial and Media Apps with RadControls for Windows 8

Develop Utility, Productivity, Financial and Media Apps with RadControls for Windows 8

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RadControls for Windows 8 Q1 2013 recently released by Telerik enables you to create touch centric applications using Chart, DatePicker, Pagination, Gauge, TimePicker, HubTile, BulletGraph, NumericBox, Slider, ComboBox, AutoCompleteBox and DropDownList controls.

While DropDownList enables you allow single selection from a list with the ability to add, remove and disable items at runtime, NumericBox provides an ability to precisely change numeric values in your app including that of currency values. The suite also includes control named AutoCompleteBox that enables you to integrate Google style suggestions as you type few characters of a keyword including the ability to choose multiple values and remote online data population.

"The DropDownList is optimized for mouse or touch. The ComboBox provides for keyboard filtering as the user types," says Chris Sells, Executive Vice President, Developer Tools, Telerik.

The Gauge control enables you to add fluid animations to your app including the ability to easily visualize dynamic data. On the other hand, Pagination control enables fast and intuitive navigation between the pages of your application in style with full control over the UI.

Moreover, the suite also includes BulletGraph control that enables you to visualize progress over featured, comparative or projected values in addition to display of progress indicators in horizontal or vertical format.

The Chart control enables you to add Windows 8 gestures such as Pan and Zoom. It also provides support for multi-axis, horizontal charts, financial indicators, annotations and empty values. On the other hand, Grid control enables you to perform single or multi column sorting with support for grouping, filtering, selection, auto generated columns, customizable columns, conditional formatting, commands support including the ability to display hierarchical data.

"RadControls for Windows 8 is built to support any number of internal line-of-business enterprise apps, business-to-consumer apps and consumer apps of all kinds. Pretty much any kind of utility, productivity, financial or media consumption app you can imagine - pretty much anything that's not a heavy-duty game - can be built or improved with the controls suite," mentions Chris.

While Slider control enables you to modify and adjust values with a visual thumb, HubTile provides an ability to integrate Windows 8 style tiles to your apps with an option to either rotate or slide content inside the tile.

RadControls for Windows 8 also includes controls such as TimePicker and DatePicker, which provides support for infinite looping with the ability to select time and date in metro style interface.

"We will continue extending RadGrid with more business and productivity features such as data editing and aggregation support to let you easily interact with the presented data as well as aggregate it to show averages, sums, totals, etc. In addition, we will be working on delivering some of the most requested components such as Calendar, NumericBox for XAML, MultiSelect and Bulletgraphs/Sparklines for HTML," said Chris when InfoQ asked him about the future roadmap for RadControls for Windows 8.

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