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Release of the Microsoft Script Explorer Canceled

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Microsoft has canceled the release of their Script Explorer. This tool was designed to make it easier to find PowerShell scripts located in either public repositories (e.g. TechNet Script Center and PoshCode) or a company’s internal collection.

The PowerShell team writes,

One of the results of this analysis was that the adoption and usage of the pre-release versions of Script Explorer were not at the level we had hoped. Part of this stems from the fact that customers already have a number of options in the market for discovering and sharing PowerShell scripts, and most appear content to continue using these existing mechanisms. As a result, we've decided not to bring the Script Explorer project to RTM.

Those who have the preview versions of the tool can continue to use it until June 14, 2013, which is when services needed to support the public repository will be turned off.

Microsoft lists several alternatives including

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