Improve DevOps Cultures with Information Consolidation

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The Appsecute platform aims to improve collaboration and increase productivity through consolidating information associated to an applications lifecycle. The software as a service (or SaaS) platform accepts messages directly from people and from integrated technology platforms, then it aggregates those events online for viewing by everyone within an organization.

The platform addresses the problem of disparate information tracking and targets the prevention of siloed roles in project teams. This was commented on by Tyler Power, CTO and co-founder of Appsecute, as follows: 
The problem that we see is that there are too many tools involved in the application lifecycle. This makes it extremely difficult for an individual to stay up to date with work being done in these tools, as well as being aware of and responding to urgent issues arising from them. This breeds a culture of isolation between people where they limit their concern to a small piece of the application lifecycle, effectively ignoring the valuable utility of the other tools a business has invested in. 
Additionally, the founders of Appsecute believe the product will reduce the impact of downtime. Tyler commented as follows: 
It also means during a crisis everyone is looking at the same information, aggregated from all the different systems they use, we have found this can significantly reduce downtime in a crisis as it makes it much easier to recognize and resolve problems.
The platform provides users with the ability to shape the way information is presented on a 'single pane of glass' timeline by managing users, organizations, applications, and connectors to external event streams. Appsecute supports technology triggered event streams from source control, continuous integration, ticketing systems, and platforms as a service (or Paas). These systems align with multiple roles in a DevOps culture. To date the product is free and they provide step by step documentation on how to build connectors to integrate event stream sources with Appsecute. Additionally they provide the code for various connectors on GitHub.
Pagerduty and Datadog provide online services that aggregate information streams similar to Appsecute.

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Single pane of glass? by 康 锦龙

Is that means all devops infos are all collected and displayed in Appsecute ?

or still "single plane of glass"?

Re: Single pane of glass? by Aslan Brooke

The information is displayed on the Appsecute website, the 'single pane of glass' is a metaphor.

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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