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InfoQ Homepage News Chart for Windows Phone Q1 2013 SP1 with Multiple Axes, Axis Alignment, Annotations and Empty Values

Chart for Windows Phone Q1 2013 SP1 with Multiple Axes, Axis Alignment, Annotations and Empty Values

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Telerik has updated RadChart for Windows Phone Q1 2013 SP1 with support for multiple axes, axis alignment, annotations, empty values in addition to localization enhancements for Calendar control.

The multiple axes feature provides an ability for the chart to display more than two axes which includes sharing axes among the series. It is possible to create multiple axes chart by wrapping the axis in an object or enclosing it in a collection and accessing the axis through the wrapper. The final step is to bind one of the axis properties of our series to the collections index at which the shared axis is located.

"Sharing an axis between two or more series requires a little trick because we can't put a chart axis in the resources. If we do and then refer to it with {StaticResource resourceKey} Silverlight will crash because the axis will be inserted into the element tree twice," Viktor Skarlatov, Software Developer, Windows Phone Team, Telerik.

The Axis alignment feature enables you to align the axes in the chart to the left, right, top or bottom sides depending on whether the particular axis is vertical or horizontal with the help of VerticalLocation and HorizontalLocation properties.

<telerikChart:LinearAxis VerticalLocation="Top"/>

The annotation feature provides an ability for the chart to display something important at a certain point or band inside its plot area using three different annotation types. While GridLineAnnotation allows developers to draw a horizontal or vertical line across the chart, PlotBandAnnotation covers an area from a min value to a max value specified by the From and To properties. On the other hand, CustomAnnotation allows display of any kind of indication on the chart area in the way that ContentControl allows any type of content.

"The last thing worth mentioning is empty values support. Developers don't need to do anything special to take advantage of this. If the data objects, that the series are bound to, have null as values of their properties the chart will just draw itself accordingly by inserting gaps in the UI," says Viktor.
In addition to the above mentioned features, Telerik has updated the Calendar control to display the date in Hebrew, Hijri, Korean and others including improved integration between the DataBoundListBox and the Expander.


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