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InfoQ Homepage News WebMatrix 3 Adds Windows Azure Integration, Remote Editing, Git and TFS Source Control Support

WebMatrix 3 Adds Windows Azure Integration, Remote Editing, Git and TFS Source Control Support

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The recently released WebMatrix 3 includes new features such as Windows Azure integration, Git and TFS based version control mechanism including the ability to open existing web sites on your local machine or to remotely edit sites that are hosted in Windows Azure with IntelliSense support.

You will be required to sign in to Windows Azure the first time you launch WebMatrix 3 using the same credentials as you use to access management portal. The web sites hosted under Windows Azure can then be managed by selecting My Sites button. It is also possible to create and host either a blank new web site or a site created using the Windows Azure Web App Gallery by selecting New button.

The Web App gallery enables you to build Umbraco, Orchard CMS, mojoPortal, WordPress or Drupal based web sites using templates by associating all the publishing information you need to publish the relevant sites and keep it in sync with your editing environment within WebMatrix with support for IntelliSense.

The web site can then be deployed to Windows Azure by selecting the Publish command and you will be able to view the status with the help of real time feedback provided by WebMatrix 3.

The recent release of WebMatrix 3 also includes support for Git and TFS source control, which provides support for commits, branching, multiple remotes and is also compatible with the existing source repositories and configuration. In addition to the above mentioned features, WebMatrix 3 also provides support for Typescript including an extension for PHP validation.

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