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InfoQ Homepage News Multi-Touch Behaviors Package for Windows Phone and Silverlight Now Available on NuGet

Multi-Touch Behaviors Package for Windows Phone and Silverlight Now Available on NuGet

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Multi-Touch Behaviors is a set of Expression Blend behaviors for the development of Windows Phone 8, Silverlight and WPF applications with gesture behaviors and manipulations to generic XAML elements, which is similar to that of the ScatterView control.

In order to enable your project for MultiTouch, you need to provide the following command in the Package Manager console.

PM> Install-Package MultiTouchBehaviors

You can also search for and install the package using package manager console by selecting Tools | Library Package Manager from within Visual Studio 2012.

You will find the complete package definition for MultiTouch in the source code section on CodePlex.

"That friends, Is open source software at its best," says Leeran Yarhi while commenting on the above release.

Multi-Touch Behaviors package has been developed by Davide Zordan, Microsoft MVP who is also a Software Developer and includes WPF samples which demonstrates the usage of Multi-Touch manipulation capabilities such as Gestures and Inertia.

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