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InfoQ Homepage News Improved Debugging with Visual Studio 2013

Improved Debugging with Visual Studio 2013

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Visual Studio 2013 includes several diagnostics features which enables developers to effectively debug their applications. It provides support for analyzing .NET memory dumps that enables you to investigate memory issues on your servers. Moreover, you will be able to debug async operations for C++, JavaScript and .NET languages. According to official sources, this feature requires installation of Visual Studio 2013 on Windows 8.1 and works with Windows Store, desktop/server and ASP.NET web apps.

Visual Studio 2013 provides support for Just My Code for C++, which automatically hides code that is not classified as written by the original developer. However, the external code can be displayed by right clicking on the Call Stack window. It also provides support for CPU debugging on Windows 7 and improved Profile Guide Optimization (PGO) process through the CPU Sampling profiler.

The IDE also provides an ability to debug JavaScript and C++ interop codes including the long pending demand of support for 64-bit Edit and Continue for .NET, viewing of function return values in the Autos window. It also includes support to filter, sort and categorize code in the Static Code Analysis window.

There is something to cheer for C++ based Windows Store app developers as they can take advantage of improved exception reporting in addition to advanced customization options for native visualization files. Moreover, developers will be able to attach the debugger to running JavaScript code without having to enable the script debugging tool. Daniel Moth, Program Manager, Visual Studio has provided references to //build/ sessions related to the diagnostic tools.

In addition to the above debugging enhancements, Visual Studio 2013 also includes performance and diagnostics hub that ships with tools for measuring energy consumption, XAML & HTML UI responsiveness, JavaScript Memory including CPU sampling, JavaScript function timing and performance wizard tool.

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