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InfoQ Homepage News Agile 2013 Vendor Round Up (Part 2)

Agile 2013 Vendor Round Up (Part 2)

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Continuing our roundup of vendors at Agile 2013 in Nashville, TN, here are some more of the messages from the exhibition floor:

Rally: Rally were promoting their new Amazon best selling book "Agile Business" with attendees able to pick up a free copy and get autographed copies from the contributing authors. They have also released their infographic and whitepaper on the Impact of Metrics as well as announcing their support for the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) 2.5.

Collabnet: Collabnet provide a software platform based on open source technologies to provide enterprise capabilities that can either be self-hosted or accessed via the cloud and have just announced the new release of TeamForge 7 (their Agile ALM platform). They are also a provider of worldwide Agile and Scrum training.

Atlassian: Atlassian is provider of products for software developers to help then do what they do best everyday. A big focus for Atlassian is helping teams avoid doing agile wrong by identifying antipatterns and working to fix problems where they find them in their agile process and they are sharing their tips at Their key product GreenHopper has been renamed to JIRA Agile to better reflect its purpose.

Urban Code: Urban Code has been recently acquired by IBM, and provides an Enterprise DevOps solution via the uBuild, uDeploy and uRelease applications. UDeploy is that latest tool in the suite and provides an automated framework to deploy to all your servers and manage your approvals.

SolutionsIQ: SolutionsIQ provide Agile at scale and are a leading provider of Agile training, certification and consulting throughout the United States. They currently have lots of opportunities for Agile coaches, Scrum Masters and developers. There are also providing free Agile Developer Training to help get developers up to speed in engineering and collaboration best practices.

Opscode: Opscode provide an automation solution via Chef, which allows you to automate and model IT infrastructure and application delivery as code. It is available as an open source, private or hosted implementation, and the first five nodes on the hosted solution are free. They have also just announced training and integration support through Collabnet.

Perforce: Perforce offer a centralised version management tool that is adaptable and flexible and does not have a lot of heavy IT demands like similar tools in this space. Many of the movers and shakers in the industry use Perforce, including seventeen of the twenty top video game makers. The new Swarm code review tool is built on top of the Perforce versioning engine and enables developers to collaborate and improve both the quality of their software and speed of delivery.

Serena: As you get more successfu with Agile, you will ultimately need to solve the bottleneck. Serena Release Management assists through release control (management plan and control) and automation of deployment. They have also recently announced integration into Tasktop which allows integration across the entire Serena platform.

Skytap: Skytap provides an enterprise hybrid cloud, that is purposely built for development and test environments. With dynamic charging model, you can spin up new environment within 60 seconds and share it with your team. Self service trials are available, with some exciting new product features coming later in the year.

Stackato: Stackato by ActiveState is a private PaaS (Platform as a Service) that provides developers with a simple and powerful deployment platform in your own private data center. Stackato gives you the benefits of the public cloud with the security, control, and compliance of the private cloud. It is well suited to organisations who want to keep their Agile development in-house.

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