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InfoQ Homepage News InformIT brings Dorset House Books to Electronic Formats

InformIT brings Dorset House Books to Electronic Formats

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InformIT, the IT publishing arm of Pearson Education, has partnered with Dorset House to make a selection of the Dorset House catalog of books available in eBook format. 

Initially there are 21 books available from a wide range or authors, covering all aspects of information technology.  In the future it is possible that more of the Dorset House catalog will be available through InformIT.

Peter S. Gordon, Publishing Partner at Pearson North America and one of the people behind this collaboration said

Dorset House and Pearson are partnering in eBook publication to bring valuable content to a broad, new audience. Specifically, we're taking a wealth of literature on software management, written by high-profile authors and published in print by Dorset House, and delivering them through the multiple channels Pearson has developed for eBooks. As with any good collaboration, each partner's resources are complementing the other's. The result is that two dozen timeless and valuable works are now available for reading on computers and other popular digital devices

Wendy Eakin, president of Dorset House, said of the partnership:

Through our partnership with Pearson, we are delighted to be able to reach a wider audience of systems and software professionals, bringing them proven methods and ideas from industry luminaries, We look forward to a productive collaboration with Pearson in the digital and print arenas.

The first book released under the partnership is the latest edition of Peopleware by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister.  In this latest release DeMarco and Lister have added six new chapters to Peopleware, and updated the entire text. New sections discuss leadership, the evolving culture of meetings, and hybrid teams made up of people from seemingly incompatible generations, among other topics.

InfoQ readers have been offered a very special discount of 35% off any of the Dorset House ebooks purchased until 31 October.  

To claim the discount enter the code DORSET when checking out.

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