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InfoQ Homepage News LeanSentry Adds Alert Enhancements, Custom Response Time and Error Ignore Mechanism

LeanSentry Adds Alert Enhancements, Custom Response Time and Error Ignore Mechanism

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LeanSentry, web based application monitoring tool for Windows Server, IIS and ASP.NET has been updated with new features such as improved alerts in addition to the ability to set custom response time SLA for any app URL. It includes increased alert detection speed, which enables you to get alerts within minutes after the relevant problem has occured.

Going forward, you will not receive emails about common alerts. However, you can enable alert email notifications by increasing the watch level of the website, server, URL you want to get more alerts on to Important or higher. It is also possible to set watch levels on specific alert types directly on the alert page.

LeanSentry will issue alerts as and when the following events occurs in your application

  • Abnormally high server cpu and low server memory
  • Application pool failure
  • Website downtime
  • Abnormally high and low traffic
  • Hung requests
  • Abnormal URL errors
  • Slow requests

With the help of the latest refresh, it is now possible to configure the desired custom response time for every URL by navigating to the web page and changing its SLA time. Moreover, you can easily ignore any error on your server/application by setting its watch level to Ignore from the errors page. The relevant error will be excluded from the application error rate and hidden on the Errors page until you select Show ignored errors option.

The latest update also includes several improvements to background diagnostics services, which enables you to automatically detect memory leaks, hangs and application pool failures.

InfoQ had a brief chat with Mike Volodarsky, ‎CTO, LeanServer to know more about the benefits of the new features

InfoQ: Can you please let me know the purpose for setting custom SLA time? Will it be beneficial for developers?

The ability to set custom SLA times is really great, because it lets IT Managers fine tune LeanSentry reporting based on the expectations for how their specific sites perform. This way they dont have to mentally adjust the information LeanSentry reports to make it relevant.

Our new alerts make it easier to detect and react to a wide variety of production problems. The recent improvements reduce the frequency of alerts, so that the developer or IT manager can focus on which servers/sites/URLs they care about. This reduces the noise and makes sure they always get alerted about problems they care about.

Also, all our alerts now feature automatic diagnostics, which show the relevant information to help the user understand and troubleshoot the alert right away.


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