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InfoQ Homepage News Build Touch Enabled Navigation with Infragistics Radial Menu Component

Build Touch Enabled Navigation with Infragistics Radial Menu Component

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The CTP build of radial menu component, UltraRadialMenu, included with Infragistics NetAdvantage 2013 For WinForms Volume 2 consist of color, numeric, NumericGauge, list and FontNameList tools. The color tools includes a radial menu designer, which enables developers to create a categorized color tree such as you would see in OneNoteMx in addition to an ability to create your own menu by making use of any combination of ColorTools and ColorWellTools.

While the numeric and NumericGauge tools enables you to choose a numeric value such as font size, FontNameList control provides users with a list of font name options.

"Inspired by the radial menu in Microsoft OneNoteMx, the Infragistics UltraRadialMenu component allows you to quickly and easily provide a visually pleasing, easy-to-use menu for both mouse and touch systems," said Mike Saltzman, Windows Forms Product Manager, Infragistics.

The newly included UltraRadialMenu provides support for all the features of Infragistics WinForms Presentation Layer Framework. Moreover, each and every element can be styled using code or AppStylist including the ability to adjust wedges number, rotation and menu size.

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