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InfoQ Homepage News RadImageEditor Gets Windows Phone 7 and Text Editing Support

RadImageEditor Gets Windows Phone 7 and Text Editing Support

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The recently released Q2 2013 SP1 build of Telerik's RadImageEditor provides support for Windows Phone 7 and text editing functionality which enables you to not only draw text inside the control but also will be able to render text on an image in the background.

The text editing is implemented by TextTool and TextToolUIControl classes. On the other hand, the editor control user interface includes several sub options with which you can modify text, adjust color, lightness, opacity, character spacing, line height and font.

In order to work with RadImageEditor, you just need to add a new style for TextToolUIControl and set the HueUI property as shown below

<Style TargetType="telerikImageEditor:TextUIControl">
<Setter Property="HueUI">

Finally, you need to add TextTool to RadImageEditor as shown in the code below


"Unfortunately ImageEditor is not available for Android yet," said a member of Telerik Windows Phone Team in response to a query.

According to Viktor Skarlatov, Software Developer, Windows Phone Team, the above features were included in Q2 2013 SP1 build based on the feedback from developers after the release of Q2 2013 edition.

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