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InfoQ Homepage News Visual Studio Unit Test Generator with MSTest, NUnit, XUnit Support

Visual Studio Unit Test Generator with MSTest, NUnit, XUnit Support

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Microsoft has released release candidiate build of unit test generator extension that enables you to automate project creation, add references, generate stubs in addition to support for extensibility and MSTest, NUnit, XUnit test frameworks. It enables you to easily customize unit test code generation using a context menu in such a way that generated tests matches the naming schemes.

You will be able to view a new entry named Configure Unit Test Generation inside Test menu after the installation of the extension from the Visual Studio gallery.

A new dialog will appear where you can select relevant options pertaining to unit test such as selection of test frameworks and method body.

InfoQ had a chat with Joshua Weber, Microsoft ALM Rangers to know more about Visual Studio Unit Test Generator

InfoQ: Can you share with us the main purpose of Visual Studio Unit Test Generator?

The Visual Studio Unit Test Generator increases developer productivity by reducing the setup work involved in creating new unit tests. It removes routine test creation tasks from the demands placed on developers, enabling them to quickly move to the higher-value job of writing the test itself. With a focus on automating project creation, generating stubs targeting multiple test frameworks and extensibility, this extension to Visual Studio 2012 adds a “Generate Unit Test” feature to the Tools menu of the IDE.

InfoQ: What are the features of Visual Studio Unit Test Generator?

Visual Studio Unit Test Generator provides the ability to generate and configure a test project, test class, and test stub, enabling developers to move more quickly to writing the test. It provides a set of configuration options that enable members of the development team to tailor the generation to match existing naming and organization schemes. It is also fully configurable to support MSTest, XUnit, and NUnit, so you can choose the framework that is most suitable in your environment.

InfoQ: Is there any plan to bundle Unit Test Generator along with upcoming versions of Visual Studio?

As a matter of policy, I'm afraid Microsoft does not comment on future products and the features they will contain.

InfoQ: How many % of developers make use of Visual Studio Unit Test Generator?

Visual Studio Unit Test Generator, available for download here, is currently being shared with the community as a release candidate (RC) for feedback. We don't have any usage numbers to share at this point.

"Great little tool. It's a Feature we all missed. Works stable and it's multi-framework support is a useful feature - MSTest, NUnit, XUnit so far. Additional to the existing backlog it would be nice to have solution explorer integration," said Stefan Mieth, AIT TeamSystemPro Team.

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