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InfoQ Homepage News PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio with Editor, Debugger Extensions and Project System Support

PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio with Editor, Debugger Extensions and Project System Support

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Adam Driscoll, Software Developer and PowerShell MVP has released PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 RC beta edition with many enhancements when compared with previous alpha builds.

The recently released extension adds language support to the Visual SStudio editor in addition to syntax highlighting, IntelliSense and code folding. While IntelliSense enables you to complete cmdlets, functions, variables and parameters similar to that of Visual Studio 2013, code folding provides an ability to collapse script and comment blocks.

The extension also adds support for the function navigation in addition to support for script output, breakpoint, locals, call stack and project system. With the help of Get-PSCallStack cmdlet, the extension can display the current call stack when stepping or breaking in the debugger. However, the extension doesn't provide any support for moving call stack frames
and interrogating session state.

The PowerShell tools extension exposes a project system that recognizes PSM1, PSD1 and PS1 files.  Howeber, the current release doesn't provide support for automatic signing or manifest creation.

"Microsoft Visual Studio Express doesn't support extensions. I realize that the price point doesn't work for many people that are primarily PowerShell scripters. That's why I'm looking to support Visual Studio 2013 Isolated Shell. It'll be completely free," said Adam in reponse to a query by a developer.

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