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InfoQ Homepage News Agile Singapore Speakers & Schedule Announced

Agile Singapore Speakers & Schedule Announced

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The first Agile Singapore conference will be held on November 7-8, 2013 and the organisers have announced the speakers and talks for the first two tracks.  

The program is populated with some well known Speakers on a wide range of topics including:

History repeats itself as people once again become addicted to process. Today’s difficult problems call for a renaissance of agility, drawing on past success as we invent the future. Real value lies in intentional and contextual selection of agile tools instead of the noise associated with calls to practice “pure agile.” It is time to replace process-based thinking with outcome-based thinking. It is time to stop talking about process adherence and start focusing on product delivery. David Hussman calls on us to heed the audacious Frank Zappa’s challenge to “Shut Up ‘n Play Yer Guitar.” David speaks to selecting tools that foster measurable outcomes like product sales or market change. Topics covered range from product thinking to regression deficit to building teams and connecting programs to portfolios. Warning: If you are looking for an agile love-in, steer clear of this talk. If you are looking to be challenged, show up ready to play yer guitar (metaphorically speaking, of course).


A third track may still be added.

InfoQ will be recording a number of the sessions. 

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