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InfoQ Homepage News NuoDB Blackbirds 2.0 Gets Geo-distributed Capability

NuoDB Blackbirds 2.0 Gets Geo-distributed Capability

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NuoDB has announced version 2.0 of their NewSQL database, now a globally distributed database that can run in the cloud or on premises with real-time replication.

Among other new features, perhaps the most interesting is the ability to deploy the database in various regions of the globe, this feature being tested in production by Fathom Voice, a communication SaaS provider, which deployed NuoDB on AWS on several continents. We asked Seth Proctor, CTO, what are some of the global database requirements that Fathom Voice had and could not be fulfilled by other databases but were fulfilled by NuoDB?

They want to scale their app tier across regions, and continue to program to what looks like a single logical database. That database needs to provide high-availability, and low-latency within each region. They also wanted something that was simple to manage, with no explicit steps to setup replication and no notion of passive sites.

We also wanted to know if NuoDB runs just on Amazon’s cloud or it could be deployed elsewhere. Seth replied:

We have a piece of software that can be deployed anywhere. Fathom and others are running on AWS, but we've done demos on GCE and regularly test on-prem and in other clouds.

The Architecture and Motivation for NuoDB whitepaper explains in detail how the replication works over different geographic zones, how conflicts are solved and what happens when network partitioning happens.

Other notable new NuoDB features are:

Automation Console – a console for provisioning and controlling DB instances. It allows the setup of multiple configurations: single-host, small group (2-4 hosts), multiples hosts (all hosts available in one region), and geo-distributed.

Java Stored Procedures – procedures written in Java can be deployed over a JDBC connection, the database taking care of distributing the code to all instances.

Tungsten Replicator has been enhanced so one can move all the data from a MySQL instance to NuoDB. Also, NuoDB now supports Drupal CMS v7 and unixODBC, the later enabling Linux-based platforms to connect to the database.


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