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InfoQ Homepage News QCon London 2014 Registration Now Open; March 5-7

QCon London 2014 Registration Now Open; March 5-7

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The 8th annual QCon London (March 5-7 + tutorials March 3-4) has been announced and registration is open (£415 discount by Nov 6th).   QCon is an enterprise software development conference for team leads, architects, and project managers covering Architecture & Design, Java, Emerging Languages, NoSQL, Big Data, JavaScript & HTML5, Mobile Development, Agile methodologies and other timely topics.  

The 3 day conference will feature at least 5 concurrent tracks on each day, covering the following topics:

  • Design to Exceed the Limit - High Scalable Architectures - Learn about the technology behind real big applications and how to design for high scalability
  • Stayin' Alive: Resilience and Availability - Using real examples from real environments, explore resilience and fault tolerance, and look at how to keep the lights on when the worst happens
  • Architectures for the Big Data Era - Explore the new requirements, the new problems and the new hard lessons from companies already dealing with data which is too big, too fast and too versatile to process with traditional approaches
  • Privacy and Security - Rebuilding Trust - Our industry needs to restore trust from users by rebuilding trust in systems. Learn about what went wrong, and what can be done to make things right again
  • Lightweight Integration with Web Technologies - Learn how to apply innovative, lightweight web technologies to enterprise integration problems by looking at specific standards and the tools that implement them
  • Reactive Programming: Tackling the Async Challenge - Explore real world uses of reactive programming with Reactive Extensions (Rx) in Java and JavaScript, client side uses of reactive programming, event driven programming, the concepts behind it and more.
  • Not Only Java - In addition to modern Java, this track explores how the JVM in general is used in production systems across businesses.
  • PaaS for Effect: Making PaaS Work for You - From startups to enterprise, micro to macro, learn how you can enable rapid, effective application deployment to increase agility in your organisation
  • Bleeding Edge HTML5 & JavaScript - A focus on the latest developments and trends that are pushing the envelope for the platform and are shaping the future of web development
  • Making the Internet of Things - Come and hear from some of the makers on the leading edge of this phenomenon, and learn about what they did and how they did it
  • True Mobile and Beyond - Learn how to work with the next generation of mobile devices, new types of interfaces, and new ways to interact with objects like wristbands, glasses and watches
  • It's About the People, Stupid
  • Real Data Science - Hear from the people and organisations that have been successful in extracting value from the data they have gathered
  • Real Agile Delivery with DevOps - Remove the barriers between development and deployment and create a collaborative environment where high-velocity change is not only accepted but embraced
  • From Financial Risk to Booking a Cab: Technology Stories from London Startups - Hear their secrets of success, the technologies and processes that worked and some painful lessons learnt along the way

QCon London 2013 drew over 1,100 attendees this year - among the largest QCons to date - and elicited thousands of tweets and hundreds of blogs all of which are summarized in the Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon London 2013.  We hope you can join us for QCon London 2014. Register before November 6th & save £415.  

QCon is co-produced by and Trifork, producer of the Danish GOTO conference.


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