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InfoQ Homepage News Visual Studio 2013 Adds New Project Templates with Improvements and Social Accounts Authentication

Visual Studio 2013 Adds New Project Templates with Improvements and Social Accounts Authentication

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Visual Studio 2013 includes new project templates and improved experience which enables developers to build projects and applications faster. With the help of the new interface, you will be able to create a new MVC project and easily add Web Forms pages to the project later or scaffold Web APIs in a Web Forms project.

As soon as you create an ASP.NET project in Visual Studio 2013, you will be able to get basic navigation between home, about and contact pages in addition to theming using Bootstrap the following functionality irrespective of the technology - ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms, Web API, SPA. Moreover, Visual Studio 2013 provides an ability to authenticate users with Windows, Active Direcory and social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Account, Google in addition to adding more providers as per the project requirements.

Visual Studio 2013 includes a Project_Readme.html file, which will be visible by default as soon as you create a new project. The file provides a glimpse of the new features in ASP.NET and the steps required to be followed after project creation and also includes information about theme customization, deployment in addition to resources on the web.

ASP.NET Identity, included with the latest release of ASP.NET is the new membership system which makes it easy to integrate user-specific profile data with application data. It also enables you to choose the persistence model for user profiles in your application including the ability to store data in SQL Server database and NoSQL data stores such as Windows Azure Storage Tables. Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core.1.0.0, Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.EntityFramework.1.0.0 and Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Owin.1.0.0 are the associated NuGet packages available with ASP.NET Identity.

The ASP.NET web optimization framework includes services such as bundling, minification to improve the performance of your ASP.NET web applications. Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization.1.1.1 is the associated NuGet package and also includes WebGrease and Antlr dependencies. On the other hand, Microsoft.AspNet.Providers.Core package are used to store session data for your application.

Microsoft.Owin.Security.ActiveDirectory, Microsoft.Owin.Security.Cookies, Microsoft.Owin.Security.Facebook, Microsoft.Owin.Security.Google, Microsoft.Owin.Security.Jwt, Microsoft.Owin.Security.MicrosoftAccount, Microsoft.Owin.Security.OAuth, Microsoft.Owin.Security.Twitter are the respective NuGet packages which are used while configuring Individual Accounts for MVC, Web Forms, Web API or Organization Accounts for Web API.

Microsoft.AspNet.FriendlyUrls package enables you to generate friendly URLs including an ability to add view switching functionality to enable you to easily switch between mobile and desktop view. Moreover, ScriptManager control provides support for web optimization and the project template enables you to register jquery bundles with ScriptManager.

Visual Studio 2013 includes improved project templates for ASP.NET MVC and Web API projects including a new template with help page (Microsoft.AspNet.WebAPI.HelpPage) built into it.

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