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InfoQ Homepage News New Owners for Unity.Mvc and Unity.WebAPI

New Owners for Unity.Mvc and Unity.WebAPI

The team behind the website FeedbackHound has taken ownership of the Unity.Mvc and Unity.WebAPI. The Unity.Mvc3 and Unity.WebAPI projects were previously run by DevTrends. These open source libraries allow for integration between ASP.NET MVC & Web API and Microsoft’s IoC framework, Unity. The version targeting ASP.NET MVC 4, known as Unity.Mvc4, was based on Unity.Mvc3 but run by an independent developer.

As part of taking over the project, FeedbackHound has updated the code to work with ASP.NET MVC 5 and Web API 2. The code, which has been moved to GitHub, now depends on.NET 4.5 and Unity 3. Older versions will continue to be available on CodePlex.

As part of this update there has been a slight change to the way Unity is registered. Developers are now supposed to add a call to UnityConfig.RegisterComponents inside the Application_Start event. This call hooks into a matching UnityConfig.cs file placed in the App_Start folder when the libraries are installed via NuGet.

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