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InfoQ Homepage News Visual Studio Quick Hits: Editor Enhancements + Git

Visual Studio Quick Hits: Editor Enhancements + Git

Visual Studio 2012 gains Git 1.0


A couple of notable releases arrived for users of VS2012 and VS2013. First, for VS2012 the official 1.0 release of Visual Studio Tools for Git has been released. This release focuses on bug fixes and establishing parity with the current level of Git support shipping with VS2013. As of this release, both the VS2012 and VS2013 vesions of Git tools have matching features, however going forward only the VS2013 version will receive new features according to Microsoft's Brian Harry.


Microsoft's Matthew Mitrik commented that this version does not yet support SSH on the client side, but that it is being worked on. It is unclear if this feature will make it to the VS2012 edition. Harry also reiterated that Microsoft remains focused on delivering a Git-based tool, and that they have no plans to add support for Mercurial or similar Git-alternatives at this time.


VS2013 RTM Improves Editing


The RTM release of VS2013 brings some additional refinements to IDE features previously introduced in VS2013 Preview. Peek Definition provides a way to look definitions inline in your current editor window. As originally introduced, this feature was able to navigate to files but was read-only. With VS2013 RTM, it now has the ability to allow editing of files. While your original document maintains focus as the primary tab, the peeked file also gains a separate tab. 


Separately, the NavigateTo feature has been changed so that its result's window is resizable vertically and horizontally subject to your preference. Using it's option drop-down, NavigateTo can also be configured to shore more details via the “Show Details” option which aids in resolving different items with similar names.

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