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InfoQ Homepage News Agile 2014 Conference Call for Submissions Open

Agile 2014 Conference Call for Submissions Open

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 The Agile Alliance has anounced that talk submissions are now open for the Agile 2014 conference to be held in Orlando, Fl from July 28 to August 1, 2014.

Conference chair Mitch Lacey said

The Agile Alliance annual conference is a phenomenal opportunity to share your knowledge and experience, Last year we were joined by nearly 1,800 Agilists from 38 countries who gathered to hear from recognized experts, authors and innovators. Competition for the 200 or so speaking slots continues to grow. I encourage Agilists with a story to tell to submit early.

Submissions for the conference are selected by a peer review process and those who submit proposals early will receive reviews and will have the opportunity to change their proposals and respond to those reviews.

Potential presenters are encouraged to carefully review the 17 available conference tracks and submit proposals under the track that most nearly represents their proposed topic(s). The tracks cover all aspects of Agile development, from tips to get started with small teams to advanced, enterprise strategies based on years of experiences.

Agile Alliance Chair Rebecca Parsons spoke about the focus of the conference:

This year's conference theme continues the traditions of the past few years, with a focus on practical advice attendees can use immediately after the conference combined with a few of the way Agile continues to evolve and mature in its impact on software development and our industry

The submission system will remain open until Feb. 19, 2014



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