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InfoQ Homepage News Oracle Invites Community to Weigh-In on Java EE 8

Oracle Invites Community to Weigh-In on Java EE 8

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In keeping with their tradition of community collaboration on the Java platform, Oracle is inviting the enterprise development community to participate in a survey to help define requirements for the next version of Java Enterprise Edition, Java EE 8.

The survey has 19 questions classified into the following categories:

  • New JSRs
  • HTML5
  • User Interface Architecture
  • Templating
  • NoSQL
  • CDI enhancements:
    • Security Interceptors
    • Implicit Producers
    • Expanding the use of stereotypes
    • Timer Service
    • More general use of CDI events

Each question provides sufficient background on the related technology concept to help participants make an informed decision.

The whole survey can be completed in 10 minutes and there is room for free-text comments.

You can find the survey at

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