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InfoQ Homepage News Visual Studio 2013.1 RC1 Available

Visual Studio 2013.1 RC1 Available

Rapidly following the release of Visual Studio 2013 last month, Microsoft has prepared the first release candidate. Formally titled VS2013 Update 1 RC, this package is primarily contains a set of bug fixes. This release does contain a “go-live” license so from a licensing perspective it is safe to use in production environments.



This update includes a key improvement that will benefit many users unable or unwilling to run Internet Explorer 10: support for systems running IE 9. Remaining fixes include targetting the debugger, C++ development, and Visual Studio Test. Full details are contained in the release notes.



Microsoft's Brian Harry states that a larger update containing new and/or expanded features is scheduled for the first half of 2014. From additional comments made by Harry, this update will be formally released at the time a preview of the second is available. Official release dates have not been set for either option.

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